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Skogli camping  terms & conditons


The person / company on which the booking is registered (ordering), is also the one who is responsible for the entire tenancy and all in the same entourage. The orderer is also financially responsible for the entire order, including payment of the entire rental amount in total and any compensation for damage that may occur

2.Check-in / check-out and cleaning

On high season, keys will be picked up at reception after 14:00 on the day of arrival. In high season, the key must always be delivered at the reception, by 11:30 on the day of departure.


If you have ordered cleaning:
Upon departure, the cabin must be cleaned and cleaned in accordance with all points for rough cleaning. Ordered cleaning does not cover these points.
The cabin must be cleaned and ready for cleaning.
Wash up dishes.
Throw garbage. Empty bottles can be placed at the door.
Rented bed linen is placed in the pillowcase, and placed at the door.
Refrigerators and cabinets must be cleaned.
Check out before 11:30 on the day of departure.

You want to clean yourself:

The following must be done / the cabin must be ready for the next guest

Dust drying, washing and cleaning.
Wash floors.
Wash up dishes.
Throw away rubbish, bring empty bottles.
Provide bed linen at reception.

Skogli camping always has a control of the cabin after departure.

3.Checkout for mortorhomes/caravans/tents
Upon departure, the used area must be left clean and tidy. Unless otherwise agreed with the campsite owner, departure is at 12.00 for the sake of newly arriving guests.

4.The following must be brought yourself:
You must bring your own bed linen, towels, etc. Duvets, sheets and pillows are provided in all cabins.
Set of bed linen and can be rented for NOK 70 per set.
This must be pre-ordered.


Dogs are welcome in many of our cabins, and if pets are allowed, dogs must be kept in cages or inside gates indoors. Pets should not use beds or sofas in the cabins.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at the campsite, remember to bring bags when you are on the dog walk, it will make it pleasant even for non-dog owners.


Skogli Camping is a quiet place at night, and it should be quiet between 23.00-7.00 on normal weekdays and Fridays and Saturdays it should be quiet from 24.00. After this time, no noise or disturbance will be accepted. Driving in the area should be avoided between 24:00 and 07:00

 There are also sometimes new ones who need to establish themselves, at the same time as established people may need to improve / build on. This entails a hectic construction activity, and there has been some discussion about when carpentry work can be done. In order for there to also be an opportunity for peace and relaxation, we would recommend that we take a weekend and end noisy work at 19.00 on Fridays and days before public holidays and that it is quiet until 13.00 on Sundays and public holidays. This also applies to motorized lawn mowing


At the sanitary building, there are several containers with hatches on them. Ordinary waste and cardboard / paper are thrown away here. In addition, there are cans for glass botles, tin, and Norwegian mortgages. There is also a separate bin for plastic waste in this area. Waste that is not ordinary household waste must be delivered to the environmental station at Koppang. This includes tents, blankets, tent poles, paint boxes, broken furniture and other discarded equipment.

8.Force Majeure
Destinasjon Skogli Camping is not liable for rental conditions in the event of a natural disaster, epidemic diseases, border barriers, stopping the sale of currency or other forms of force majeure.


It is made a small campfire place by the river here you can make a small campfire, and grill your own food, or just enjoy yourself by the fire.

Skogli camping can not take responsibility for the guests' belongings.

10.Electric car
We don't have a charging station for electric cars. Work is underway to establish charging facilities at the campsite. It is NOT allowed to charge a car from a normal socket on the campsite or from the cabins.
By agreement you can "emergency charge" your electric car with us, it costs NOK 10 per hour. However, it is important to keep an eye on the contact during charging, as overheating may occur.

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