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Finnstadveien 50

2477, SOLLIA


If you come from Oslo, take the E6 to Ringebu and take Road 27 over the Venabygdsfjellet to Atnbrua in Sollia and Skogli Camping. !! ATENTION !! In winter, if it is bad weather, the road over Venabygds mountain is often closed !!!

Alternatively you can drive Road 3 to Atna, and take Road 219 from there up to Enden and further Road 27 towards Atnbrua.

From Ringebu to the campsite there are approx. 40km and from Atna about 45km.

If you come from Trondheim you take the E6 to Hjerkinn, and take Road 29 to Folldal and Road 27 to Atnbrua in Sollia.

From Hjerkinn to the campsite it is about 70km.




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